Electronic Design services

Electronics desing center ADAKTA offers full range services of development embedded systems and industrial design.

Hardware development:

* Elaboration of an electric circuit;
* Development of design documentation;
* Bussing printed circuit boards;
* Develop and / or selection of housings, power supplies, remote controls and other peripherals;
* Optimization of the BOM-list;
* Construction of prototypes.

Software development:

* Low level software (including drivers for Linux);
* Top level software (including under Linux);
* Application software;
* Modification to the requirements of a particular customer.

Pre-production service:

* Selection component's suppliers;
* Technological study;
* Development test hardware and software;
* Engineering support.

Related services:

* Writing technical documentation (user manuals, instructions, etc);
* HW and SW testing;
* Packaging development.