System on Module based on NXP iMX7

System on Module (SoM) is a compact device on a PCB that combines all the software and hardware needed to build budget solutions based on the Linux operating system. SoM ADAKTA-mx7 is build on the processor NXP iMX7, which based on Cortex-A7 architecture.

* CPU NXP iMX7 Solo или Dual;
* DDR3 upto 2 Gb;
* eMMC upto 64GB;
* 1xLVDS - 1-channel LVDS;
* 1xInverter - для подключения модуля подсветки TFT дисплея;
* 1x MIC IN - microphone input;
* 1x Stereo Audio Output (L/R);
* 1xUSB2.0 host mode;
* 1xUSB OTG or 2xUSB OTG (iMX7Dual);
* 1xLAN Ethernet;
* 1xSD card interface, SDHC/SDXC;
* CAN;
* 1xSPI;
* 2xI2C;
* 5xUART;
* 2xUART console for Cortex-A7 and Cortex-M4 cores;
* 1xBAT - RTC power;
* 1x external battery connector for core power. Used for correct shutdown of Linux, in case of power failure;
* LED output (Power, eMMS active, SD active, Status LED);
* 1xDC IN - 5V;
* Power wake up pin;
* Reset pin;
* RTC and HW Watchdog IC;
* Tampers - tamper pin;
* Temperature range - -20 to +80 C;