Repeater for Fast Ethernet networks

Designed to connect the physical segment (twisted pair) Ethernet standard 100 BASE-TX, in cases where the distance to the network device exceeds the allowable length of the segment (100 m). The repeater is a device physical layer has no MAC-address does not contain a switch and performs only compensating for the degradation of the signal parameters. Feature of the device - the minimum time delays.

Power can be from a local power source or free veins cable from the injector PoET FW. The repeater has a built-splitter Passive PoE. Switching between sources is done via a switch. From one injector can be powered not only repeaters, and network equipment (IP-phone, wireless access point, IP-camera, hub, etc.), provided that they support Passive PoE for free veins or the application of the splitter PoET FW.

Designed special for: COMMENG