Hybrid DVB-T \ DVB-T2 \ DVB-C HD STB

Main chip: STi7105 \ STi7108
Standard: DVB-T \ DVB-T2 \ DVB-C (two tuner at STi7108)
Video: MPEG-2: HP @ HL \ MPEG-4: H.264/AVC HP @ L4
Audio: MPEG 1\2 layer 1\2, Dolby Digital AC3
Return channel: Ethernet, USB 3G modem
Storage: USB HDD, eSATA
Features: VoIP (SIP), web-browser (OPERA, Webkit), e-mail (pop3\smtp), PVR\Timeshift, collection of readings wireless sensors of metering of water, electricity, gas, etc
Remote control: RCU, keyboard\mouse, Android app (via bluetooth)
Availability: done

Developed in accordance with "TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MAJOR CLASSES OF SUBSCRIBER RECEIVER, TV, CAM-STANDARD MODULES DVB-T/T2S Supports Targeted MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ALERT Defense and Emergencies and e-government" for the federal program for the transition to digital broadcasting.