ADAKTA iMX6 module

ADAKTA iMX6 module helps to meet technical requirements and to make first prototype for quick "Time-To-Market". The module customization or the base board can be developed easily.

* CPU: NXP (Freescale) Solo/DualLite/Dual/Quad ARM Cortex-A9
* Up to 4GByte DDR3 SDRAM,
* Flash: eMMC or SD card.
* Linux/Android
* Motherboard connection: pin header PLD2;
* Temperature range: 0+85 (commercial) or -40 +125 (automotive)
* Size: 50x75 mm
* Power: 3.3V.
* Interfaces:

      2 x LVDS
      1 x HDMI
      1 x Ethernet PHY 1GBit
      1 x SATA
      1 х MIPI-CSI(camera)
      1 x CAN
      2 x MMC/SD
      2 x USB
      2 x SPI
      2 x I2C
      3 x UART
      1 x I2S
      4 x PWM
      6 x GPIO

      ADAKTA base board
      ADAKTA base board helps to estimate the possibilities to use ADAKTA iMX6 module. The Altium Designer project is delivering by request.

          4 x USB host
          1 x USB otg
          1 x Ethernet 1Gb
          audio jack 3.5 (phone/mic)
          1x HDMI
          3 x Android button
          2x UART
          3 x I2C
          1 x I2S
          1 x LED
          1 x SPI
          1 x LiOn Battery input
          2 x LVDS
          1 x SATA (optional)
          1 x MIPI CSI
          TI BQ25895 (Fast Charger)
          Power 5V/3A

        Additional features: 5Mpix camera, WiFi/Bluetooth module, finger print recognition (Holtek), HDMI support module with backlight control and touchscreen, battery, uart-bluetooth (console)