System on Module based on NXP iMX6ull

System on Module (SoM) is a compact device on a PCB that combines all the software and hardware needed to build budget solutions based on the Linux operating system. SoM ADAKTA-mx6ull is build on the processor NXP iMX6ull, which based on Cortex-A7 architecture and operates at a frequency of up to 800 MHz.
The ADAKTA-mx6ull SoM is best solution to combine low power consumption with a productive and versatile of Linux system and allow to build cost optimized final product.

The design of the SoM has several key features that simplify and reduce the cost of developing the motherboard:
* Small module sizes (45 mm x 36 mm) allow to reduce the size of the motherboard;
* Lack of board-to-board connectors - increases reliability and reduces costs.
* The components of the module are located only on the top (one-sided mounting), which allows you to solder the SoM to the motherboard.
* A pitch of 2.54 mm between the contacts gives several advantages:
  a) The module can be soldered by iron,
  b) You can solder the PLS pins for installation in different versions of the motherboard (useful at the developing the motherboard).
  c) SoM can be used with a 2-layer motherboard of reduced accuracy class (the cost and development time of which is significantly lower).
* The module has SPI NOR to store the loader, in the event of a failure of the NAND main memory or eMMC / SD card, the SoM will be available for easy update / restore.
* NAND memory can be used to store the main image instead of SD / eMMC, if high reliability and fault tolerance are required.
* Ethernet is located on the module, you only need to output the differential pairs, if it's required.

* CPU: NXP iMX6ull Cortex-A7 500 MHz (m02c), 800 MHz (mX2i);
* DDR3: 256 MByte;
* NAND: 256 MByte (m22i only);
* SPI NOR flash 1 Mbyte (for boot-loader);
* 1x Ethernet PHY 100Mbit;
* 1x CAN;
* 1x SAI (I2S) for audio codec;
* 1x MMC/SD for SD card or eMMC;
* 2x ADC for sensors;
* 2x USB OTG;
* 20x GPIO (max);
* 2x I2C or 2x UART;
* 1x Console UART;
* 1x Full UART (+RTS/CTS);
* 1x SPI;
* 1x PWM;
* Temperature range: 0 +85 С (m02c) \ -40 +85 С (mX2i);
* Vibration and water resistance;
* Power: 3.3V@0.1-0.5A;
* Dimension: 45mm x 36 mm.

* ADAKTA-mx6ull-m02c
* ADAKTA-mx6ull-m22i

* ADAKTA-mx6ull-m52i

SoM has support for the Yocto distribution. For compatibility with other distributions (Debian, Buildroot), source code for the kernel and bootloader is provided by request.

Download Yocto

* Human-machine interface (HMI);
* IoT gateways;
* Home energy management systems;
* Smart energy concentrators;
* Intelligent industrial control systems;
* Portable medical;
* Streaming audio;
* Printers and 2D scanners;
* Smart appliances;
* Low-end e-Reader.

Briefs, datasheets, userguides.
Software, imx6ull firmware.

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