RS485 repeater via 4G/WiFi/LAN

RS485 repeater via 4G/WiFi/LAN IOgate


  • IOgate-E42 - by request
  • IOgate-G42 - by request
  • IOgate-W42 - by request

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by request




12 months


Buy RS485 repeater via 4G/WiFi/LAN


  • All transmitted data is protected by OpenVPN.
  • An intuitive WEB interface for manage and configuration.
  • IOgate supports integrated and external 3G \ 4G modems, WiFi adapters and Ethernet networks.
  • CPU iMX6ull, 1Gb RAM, NAND flash 256Mb, 1xUSB Host, 1xRS485, 1xRS232, 1xEthernet.
  • OS: Linux kernel 4.x, hot swap of external devices / modems, remote update.

Detailed description

Integrates RS485 networks and provides end-to-end transmission / reception of any data from RS485 interfaces via 3G / 4G / Ethernet / WiFi networks.

The repeater operates in transparent mode, ensuring full compatibility with various terminal software. You can combine several RS485 lines into a single network and access any device using the user's software. All traffic is protected by using OpenVPN encryption.

In one OpenVPN network there can be any number of RS485 repeaters. The repeater has Ethernet / WiFi / 4G to connect to the network, which allows it to be used at various sites with different types of connections. It is possible to simultaneously use several network interfaces to create fault-tolerant communication channels, for example, if the Internet is not available on WiFi, the traffic will go through a 4G modem.
Each repeater has a built-in OpenVPN server and client, so there is no need to use additional equipment for the organization network.


  • IOgate-E42 - Base model. 1xRS485, 1xRS232, Ethernet
  • IOgate-G42 - Model with 4G. 1xRS485, 1xRS232, Ethernet + 4G modem
  • IOgate-W42 - Model with WiFi. 1xRS485, 1xRS232, Ethernet + WiFi



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