Mnemonic audio player

Application:The module is intended for embedding in the panel of a tactile mnemonic scheme for displaying objects and sounding voice prompts. It most effective for premises having a complex topology or great patency. Also can be used for stands at exhibitions, for highlighting goods and getting information about them.

- Main buttons –upto 37 pcs;
- Duplicated buttons - up to 10 pcs;
- Buttons color – amber;
- The diameter of the buttons (tactile part) - 13 mm;
- Audio storage microSD – upto 32 Gb;
- Audio files – mp3;
- Audio output power (stereo) – 2х5 W;
- Logarithmic scale for adjusting audio volume;
- Motion sensor (range 5 m - adjustable).

- Ability to change audio files;
- Operational connection of buttons (detachable connection with fixation);
- Activation of the button illumination when movement occurs in the sensor area to attract attention;
- Duplicating buttons with voice prompts allow you to make the same hint in two places on the plan (when you click on the main button - the backlight is highlighted);
- Acknowledgment of pressing of buttons in the form of short-time extinction of illumination of the basic buttons;
- Indication and audio greeting when the device is turned on;
- Safe supply voltage (12V);
- Easy mounting;
- Made and assembled in St'Petersburg.

- Control unit - 1 pcs;
- Power supply 12V - 1 pcs;
- Buttons with cables (60 cm) - up to 47 pcs;
- Motion sensor - 1 pcs;
- microSD (4 GB) - 1 pcs;
- Potentiometer for adjusting the volume - 1 pcs;
- Loudspeaker - 1 pcs;
- User manual - 1 pcs;

- 990 USD.

Delivery time:
- 2-4 weeks.

At the request of the customer can be changed quickly *:
- The lengths of all cables.
- Number of buttons (no more than 37 pcs).
- Buttons color.
- Number of loudspeakers (1 or 2).
- Adjust the volume of each channel individually.
- Audio message when motion occurs in the visibility zone of the infrared sensor.

* These changes require a cost adjustment.

Other options for manufacturing this device are possible.

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