HDMI-LVDS converter (mediaplayer) AHL-17.11

AHL-17.11 converter is designed for converting HDMI / DVI or VGA interfaces to LVDS. The operating modes of the AHL-17.11 are set using the built-in menu (OSD) or the configuration can be downloaded via USB.
HDMI-LVDS Converter AHL-17.11 may be used as a stand-alone media player and allows you to play media content (JPEG, h264, MPEG4) from a USB drive.

* Input interface: HDMI \ DVl, VGA;
* Resolution: up to FullHD (1080p);
* USB Mediaplayer: JPEG, h264, MPEG4;
* 2 channels LVDS;
* 2 pixel mode;
* 24-bit matrix support;
* Audio output (stereo): 3W;
* Voltage of converter 12V;
* Voltage of panel 3,3V, 5V, 12V;
* Diming: 3,3V и 5V;
* OSD: yes;
* Manage: IR RCU, keyboard (optional);
* Firmware \ config update: USB;
* Chipset: MStar TSUMV59;
* Dimension: 108mm * 80mm.

TSUMV59 MStar datasheet
HDMI-LVDS AHL-17.11 brief
HDMI-LVDS AHL-17.11 User manual (Russian only)

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