ADAKTA Development Kit on iMX6ull

ADAKTA Development Kit mx6ull (ADK6ull) designed to quick start developing with System on Module based on NXP iMX6ull.

* CPU: NXP iMX6ull;
* DDR3: 256/512 MByte;
* NAND: 128/512 MByte;
* SPI NOR flash (for boot-loader);
* 1x Ethernet RJ45;
* 1x CAN;
* 1x SAI (I2S) for audio codec;
* 1x MicroSD card slot;
* 2x ADC for sensors;
* 2x USB OTG;
* 1x USB Host, USB-A;
* 1x USB Device, miniUSB;
* 20x GPIO (max);
* 2x I2C or 2x UART;
* 1x Console UART;
* 1x Full UART (+RTS/CTS);
* 1x SPI;
* 1x PWM;
* 1x reset button;
* 2x LED;
* Power: 5V@0.1-0.5A;
* Dimension: 85mm x 64 mm.

* Human-machine interface (HMI);
* IoT gateways;
* Home energy management systems;
* Smart energy concentrators;
* Intelligent industrial control systems;
* Portable medical;
* Streaming audio;
* Printers and 2D scanners;
* Smart appliances;
* Low-end e-Reader.

Комплект разработчика ADK6ull, загрузить бриф (Russian)
Процессорный модуль ADAKTA-mx6ull, загрузить бриф (Russian)
SoM ADAKTA-mx6ull, download brief (English)

Software support:
Download Yocto project for iMX6ull

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