ADAKTA Development Kit on iMX6ull

ADAKTA Development Kit mx6ull (ADK6ull) designed to quick start developing with System on Module based on NXP iMX6ull.

Main features
* All interfaces are output on the side connectors (step 2.54). On the reverse side of the motherboard, the names of the ports and GPIO numbers are signed.
* The miniUSB connector allows you to connect the ADK6ull to a PC in USB device mode.
* You can power the board (5V) via PLS or miniUSB.
* Demo of Yocto Project - works directly out of the box.

Specification of ADK6ull:
* CPU: NXP iMX6ull Cortex-A7 500 MHz (m02c), 800 MHz (mX2i);
* DDR3: 256 MByte;
* NAND: 256 MByte (m22i only);
* SPI NOR flash 1 Mbyte (for bootloader);
* 1x Ethernet RJ45;
* 1x USB Host, USB-A;
* 1x USB Device, miniUSB;
* 1x Reset button;
* 2x LED, power and user;
* 1x MMC/SD MicroSD card;
* 1x CAN;
* 1x SAI (I2S) audio codec;
* 2x ADC;
* 2x USB OTG;
* 20x GPIO (max);
* 2x I2C or 2x UART;
* 1x Console UART;
* 1x Full UART (+RTS/CTS);
* 1x SPI;
* 1x PWM;
* Temperature range: 0 +85 С (m02c) \ -40 +85 С (mX2i);
* Power: 5V@0.1-0.5A;
* Dimension: 85 mm x 64 mm;
* 4 mounting holes on the board for installation in the case.

* ADK6ull-m22i

* ADK6ull-m52i
* ADK6ull-m02c

* Human-machine interface (HMI);
* IoT gateways;
* Home energy management systems;
* Smart energy concentrators;
* Intelligent industrial control systems;
* Portable medical;
* Streaming audio;
* Printers and 2D scanners;
* Smart appliances;
* Low-end e-Reader.

Briefs, datasheets, userguides.
Software, imx6ull firmware.

Software support:
The module has support for the Yocto project. For compatibility with other distributions (Debian, Buildroot), source code for the kernel and bootloader is provided by request.
Download Yocto project for iMX6ull

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