Own products of the design center ADAKTA

Stand for testing of SoM based on iMX6

Stand ATS-MX6 is designed to organize the final inspection and testing of iMX6 SoM on assembly line. Stand allow to check all functions of the main units of the module (processor, memory).

Mnemonic audio player

Application:The module is intended for embedding in the panel of a tactile mnemonic scheme for displaying objects and sounding voice prompts. It most effective for premises having a complex topology or great patency.

CO2 Sensor OpenWindAir

CO2 Sensor OpenWindAir allow to measure level of CO2.

DP-LVDS converter ADL-17.12

ADL-17.12 converter is designed to convert the DisplayPort (DP) interface into LVDS. The graphics modes can be configured by flashing EDID or via DDC (OS Linux, Windows).

ADAKTA Development Kit on iMX6ull

ADAKTA Development Kit mx6ull (ADK6ull) designed to quick start developing with System on Module based on NXP iMX6ull.

System on Module based on NXP iMX6ull

System on Module (SoM) is a compact device on a PCB that combines all the software and hardware needed to build budget solutions based on the Linux operating system.

HDMI-LVDS converter (mediaplayer) AHL-17.11

AHL-17.11 converter is designed for converting HDMI / DVI or VGA interfaces to LVDS. The operating modes of the AHL-17.11 are set using the built-in menu (OSD) or the configuration can be downloaded via USB.

miniPC AMX6

The miniPC is based on the IMX6Quad processor. There are dust-proof, ergonomic design, extendedfunctionality, camera, the ability to install on a tripod camera. You can use the miniPC for any purpose, and not only in development.

Development kit media AMX6

The next generation of server AMX6 DevKit includes everything you need to develop media applications.

Development kit server AMX6

Server AMX6 is the cheapest version from line of dev kits, allowing to estimate the performance of the iMX6 processor. The DevKit is recommended to developers who are ready to develop by own requirements.

Board of control and switching ADAK.468367.001 TU

* Name: Board of control and switching.
* Standard: ADAK.468367.001 TU.
* Purpose: Ignition board for modular wastewater treatment system OMNIPURE 15MXMP.
* Dimensions, mm: 178X178X37.

ADAKTA Development Kit (ADK)

ADAKTA Development Kit (ADK) is example of using ADAKTA iMX6 module and ADAKTA base board.


ADAKTA iMX6 module

ADAKTA iMX6 module helps to meet technical requirements and to make first prototype for quick "Time-To-Market". The module customization or the base board can be developed easily.

HDMI-LVDS converter AHL-14.3

* input interface: HDMI \ DVl;
* resolution: FullHD (1080p);
* 2 channels LVDS;
* 2 pixel mode;
* 24-bit matrix support;
* voltage of converter 12/24V;
* voltage of panel 3,3V, 5V, 12V;
* diming: 3,3V и 5V.

Module of collection with counter and sensors - EtherCounter v2.0

Main chip: STM32F107;
Power: miniUSB 5V (current 100mA);
Dimension: 59*62*26 mm (for RJ45 8P8C double case);
Indication: link, IP, server connect, sensors;
Internal sensor: DS18B20;
Network: Ethernet 10/100, DHCP, DNS, PING;