ADAKTA - сontract developer of electronics

Company ADAKTA was founded in 2010 by a group of highly skilled experts in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, microprocessors, digital signal processing, embedded systems programming. Years of experience and close ties with leading manufacturers of electronic components allow us to create products that comply fully with modern realities. ADAKTA offers full range services of development embedded systems and industrial design.

We offer services for the development of embedded systems the following types:
* Set-top-boxes for digital television (DVB, IPTV).
* Mobile and wireless devices.
* Devices for data collecting and processing.
* Smart Home Controllers and home automations.
* Medical devices.
* Door phones, IP-systems of internal communication, calling panels and video surveillance systems (e.g. for vehicles).
* Modules for advertising, HDMI-LVDS converters, mediaplayers.

* We have extensive experience in developing high-tech embedded systems.
* Individual approach to each customer.
* We can be flexible enough to satisfy any reasonable desire of the customer in the shortest possible time.
* All stages of development are visible customer.
* Qualified technical support during the entire time of the project.
* Competitive pricing.

System on Module based on NXP iMX8M

System on Module (SoM) is a compact device on a PCB that combines all the software and hardware needed to build high performance solutions based on the Linux operating system. SoM ADAKTA-mx8 is build on the processor NXP iMX8M.

HDMI-LVDS converter (mediaplayer) AHL-17.11

AHL-17.11 converter is designed for converting HDMI / DVI or VGA interfaces to LVDS. The operating modes of the AHL-17.11 are set using the built-in menu (OSD) or the configuration can be downloaded via USB.
HDMI-LVDS Converter AHL-17.11 may be used as a stand-alone media player and allows you to play media content (JPEG, h264, MPEG4) from a USB drive.

RS485 repeater via 4G/WiFi/LAN

In a single network, you can combine multiple RS485 lines around the world and at the same time gain access to any device using user software. Integrates RS485 networks over 3G / 4G / Ethernet / WiFi networks.

System on Module based on NXP iMX6ull

System on Module (SoM) is a compact device on a PCB that combines all the software and hardware needed to build budget solutions based on the Linux operating system.

Audio safety system client

The audio safety system client delivers powerful instrument for controlling environment. The client offers transferring audio data to/from Audio safety system server, transferring network messages to/from Audio safety system server for security alerts/alarms, recording the audio from microphone.

ADAKTA iMX6 module

ADAKTA iMX6 module helps to meet technical requirements and to make first prototype for quick "Time-To-Market". The module customization or the base board can be developed easily.

VoIP terminal

The IP Video Phone is powerful voice, video and multimedia business communications device. The IP Video Phone can make and receive SIP video calls from third-party IP surveillance cameras for security alerts/alarms or for checking a camera's live video feed.

Hybrid DVB-T2 \ DVB-C \ IPTV STB on Android 4.0 ICS

Main chip: STiH416 (Orly);
OS: Android 4.0 ICS;
Mode: DVB-T2 \ DVB-C \ IPTV;
Video: MPEG-2: HP @ HL \ MPEG-4: H.264/AVC HP @ L4;
Audio: MPEG 1\2 layer 1\2, Dolby Digital AC3;
Back channel: Ethernet, WiFi (access point);